Accessorising for the big day

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When it comes to preparing for the most anticipated event in one’s life, the saying, “It’s all in the details” couldn’t be truer. Planning your ultimate wedding look goes beyond just the dress or suit. It’s the small details – the accessories – that pull everything together. The art of accessorising for the big day is both exciting and daunting. From brides to grooms and even guests, here’s a deep dive into getting it right for everyone involved.

Understanding the Importance of Accessories

Accessories are often likened to the icing on a cake. They provide the finishing touches that can dramatically elevate your overall appearance. An elegantly chosen accessory can accentuate your best features, personalise a store-bought outfit, transform your look from morning to evening, or even help adhere to a specific wedding theme or colour scheme. However, there’s an essential adage to remember: Less can often be more. An over-accessorised look might compete for attention, and you risk overshadowing the main event – your outfit.

For the Blushing Bride

A bride’s appearance on her wedding day is the culmination of dreams and aspirations. Here are ways to enhance that:

Headpieces and Veils

Whether you’re going for a regal, bohemian, or vintage look, the market is flush with options. Tiaras bring a touch of royalty, flower crowns resonate with nature and whimsy, and birdcage veils hark back to a bygone era of sophistication.

Jewellery Choices

The neckline of your dress largely dictates the type of necklace to wear. A sweetheart or strapless neckline might benefit from a choker or shorter necklace, while a V-neck could be paired with a pendant. Statement earrings can wonderfully offset an updo, but if you have flowing locks, delicate studs might be more apt. And if you’re opting for a sleeveless gown, a bracelet or two can be the perfect addition.

Top Tip:

Don’t mix metals. If you’re wearing a belt with a gold buckle, for instance, try to keep your jewellery in the gold family.

The Groom’s Touch

While a groom’s accessories might be subtler, they are no less significant.

The tie or bowtie should ideally coordinate with the wedding’s colour scheme. Cufflinks add a discreet touch of class, while a pocket square can infuse personality into the ensemble. Shoes, often overlooked, should be polished and comfortable. Remember, you’ll also be on your feet for the majority of the day!


Points to Ponder:

  • Match your belt to your shoes for a cohesive look.
  • A wristwatch is not just functional; it can be a statement piece if chosen correctly.

Guidance for the Guests

As a guest, your role is supportive. Your accessories should be stylish but not so flamboyant that they detract from the bride and groom.

For the Ladies

A fascinator or hat, especially for daytime or outdoor weddings, is both protective and stylish. Clutch bags, being small and elegant, are functional without being cumbersome. As for footwear, consider the venue. An outdoor venue might be tricky for stiletto heels, so having a pair of stylish flats could be a lifesaver.

For the Gents

Incorporating the wedding colours in your tie is a subtle nod to the theme. A sleek watch is functional while being a statement piece. And remember, belts should match shoes to tie the look together seamlessly.

Universal Accessorising Tips

  • Consistency is Key: Stick to one metal type for a polished look.
  • Comfort First: Especially true for items like shoes or heavy earrings.
  • Relevance: Your accessories should be in harmony with the wedding’s theme and setting.
  • Do a Trial Run: Wear everything together before the big day to ensure everything works in unison.

Concluding Thoughts

Accessorising for the big day is as much an art as it is a decision-making process. It’s about enhancing, not overshadowing. As you make your choices, remain authentic to your style, and you’ll undoubtedly create memorable moments and pictures on this special day.