Corsets by Kirsty Couture

Beautiful, Bespoke Corsets

Creating your unique corset is something that I hold dear. It’s not just about stitching a garment; it’s about bringing your ideas to life and celebrating your uniqueness Every corset I create is a reflection of my passion, experience, and dedication.

Just as a chef handpicks the finest ingredients, the journey of each bespoke corset begins with a careful selection of premium fabrics. I source the softest, most resilient materials that make my corsets both beautiful and comfortable to wear.

Crafting a bespoke corset it’s a labour of love that demands an intimate understanding of the human form. Each cut I make, each stitch I sew, is filled with purpose and precision, culminating in a piece that’s truly unique and personal.

A bespoke corset from Kirsty Couture is not just an item of clothing—it’s a canvas on which you express yourself. From the initial fabric choice to the last ornamental touch, every detail is handcrafted in sync with your personality and style. In my years of making bespoke corsets, I have learnt that it’s not about mass production, but about pouring love and care into each individual piece.

…Challenge me to give you curves you never knew you had.

Your Bespoke Corset: The Kirsty Couture Process

Our journey begins with a heart-to-heart chat. This is when we talk about what you want from your corset. Whether it’s for your big wedding day, the prom night you’ve been dreaming about, or any special occasion that means the world to you, I start by getting to know your dreams, your taste, and your personality. 

Do you love the timeless elegance of a classic silhouette, or do you lean towards a modern, daring twist? Are you looking for something comfortable to wear every day, or is this for a special event

Once we’ve got your vision pinned down, the next step is to take detailed measurements.  I believe in the age-old saying, “Measure twice, cut once,” because getting it right from the start is crucial for a perfect fit.

Now that I’ve got your design and measurements, the real fun begins. This is the stage where I get to turn the fabric of my choice into a gorgeous, wearable piece of art. This stage is where I pour my heart and soul into creating something beautiful just for you.

The final step in our journey is the moment of truth — the fitting.  I’m there with you every step of the way, checking that everything is just as it should be and making any last-minute tweaks to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.

 I take great pleasure in seeing your reaction when you finally wear your corset, and I cherish the confidence and happiness it brings you.

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    How long does it take to create a bespoke corset?

    Crafting a bespoke corset is a delicate process that takes time, but I’m always happy to work with you if you have a specific request. While the timeline can vary based on design, the goal is always to create something perfect and uniquely yours.

    How are the measurements for a bespoke corset taken?

    Taking your measurements for a bespoke corset involves more than just your waist size. I measure everything from your bust, underbust, and waist, to your hips and length, taking into account your body shape and posture to ensure a dream fit.

    Can I wear my Kirsty Couture bespoke corset daily?

    Absolutely, you can! My corsets are made to be both gorgeous and comfortable, perfect for daily wear. 

    How should I clean my bespoke corset?

    Bespoke corsets should be spot cleaned for small stains and dry-cleaned for a more thorough wash. 

    What materials are used in a Kirsty Couture bespoke corset?

    I create bespoke corsets using a variety of high-quality materials, including luxe fabrics like silk, satin, brocade, and even leather.

    Can I design my own bespoke corset?

    Of course! I always encourage a collaborative approach, ensuring that the final design mirrors your personal style and tastes.