Special Occasions

Special Occasions by Kirsty Couture

Dress to impress with a bespoke cocktail dress or gown for those extra special occasions. Your custom-made experience will be tailored to you much the same as bridal.

We start with an initial consultation to talk about the design and fabric and take your measurements, followed by your design sketches, fittings and finally your one-of-a-kind outfit with a promise that it will not be recreated the same for another client.

As a custom dressmaker, I aim to make this process as special and as easy as possible for you, giving you expert advice along the way, but ultimately letting you be in control of your design.

Mother of the Bride or Groom

Stand apart from the other wedding guests with a bespoke outfit and rest assured there will be no faux pas with someone else in the same frock. My experience as a dedicated wedding dressmaker ensures your outfit will be a statement piece.

These glam ladies came to me wanting wedding outfits that they could use again on luxury holidays with popping colours and even a twin set that doubles as a jumpsuit but can be worn as separates to maximise the possibilities.

Bridesmaid Dresses

One size doesn’t fit all, so the benefit of having bespoke bridesmaid dresses is that you can have them in different colours or a variety of styles.

If you want your girls to match, we can look at ways to make that one design suit all of their different body types by making a bespoke pattern to fit each of them individually.

I will listen to your vision along with their particular likes and dislikes to come up with designs that will fit and flatter and make them feel like a really special part of your wedding.

Visit my Bridal Page to find out more!

Bespoke Gowns and Prom Dresses

A bespoke gown can be made for any occasion. Whether you need a prom dressmaker for that once-in-a-lifetime event, or a gown for a milestone birthday, anniversary, luxury holiday, ball, or even the Oscars (hey, aim for the stars)! Get in touch about your event.

Bespoke Children's Clothing

These are an absolute joy to make!

Aside from being incredibly cute when they’re in miniature, they are also great fun as you can be really imaginative with contrast linings, matching accessories and delightfully colourful buttons and button holes. The regular rules do not apply.

Delight your flower girls, in mini-me versions of the adult bridesmaids and add extra touches like extra sparkle or fairy dust.

For boys, how about a smart waistcoat and some adorable tailored shorts with an adjustable waistband to maximise their longevity?

The only problem is it can be tough to get a toddler to pose for a good photo, but I can assure you that what they’re wearing will look simply stunning.

Upcycled Gowns, Corsets & Clothing

Recycling, climate change, the war on plastic and in particular the environmental impact of the textile industry are rightfully hot topics at the moment and they lie heavily on my conscience too.

Any scraps that I generate are recycled or donated to other craftspeople to be reused, and this includes off-cuts from alterations.

One thing, therefore, that I am really keen to start doing is reusing pre-loved garments or vintage fabrics to create new and exciting pieces. The cloth from a wedding dress could go into a corset, a cover-up, a veil or a christening gown for example, or perhaps be refashioned into an entirely new dress!

If this is something that excites you, you’re an eco-friendly bride or you have something that would be ideal for this process that you would like to see re-purposed for someone else, please help me make this idea a reality.